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provide the means for every student to learn and excel

Enrichment Programs

  1. ACTORS' CONSERVATORY -  Focusing on excellence, our Actors' Conservatory trains actors to be working professionals. A variety of classes are offered for all levels of actors from Beginning thru Advanced. 
  2. AFTER-SCHOOL PERFORMANCE & PRODUCTION PROGRAM & FUNDRAISING EVENT  - In our quality after-school performance and production program, a theatre professional will come to your location to direct your students, employees or other participants’ theatrical production. ETI theatre professionals will also assist students, staff, parents, employees, and community volunteers in the planning, marketing, set building and other technical aspects of the production. With our expert guidance, this is an excellent fund-raising event!  
  3. BAMN-BAMN YOUTH ENSEMBLE CHAPTER  - In conjunction with the professional actors’ group, BAMN Ensemble, theatre professionals will come to your location and, by way of audition, establish a chapter of our youth theatrical ensemble, providing an on-going forum for artistic expression. With an emphasis on literacy, youth will write, direct and/or perform theatrical works encompassing an astonishing range of genres, and including all mediums…stage, film, TV and radio drama.     
  4. ETI ON TOUR PERFORMANCE TROUPE - ETI ON TOUR presents interactive performances in which facilitators, or actors, take volunteers from the audience, bring them up on stage, and give them an opportunity to participate in the production as intricate and significant performers. The number of professional actors per show varies from 1 to 6, often with each actor playing multiple roles. ETI’s interactive performances are not only designed to enrich the curriculum, but also offer youth an exciting opportunity to meet the actors and experience live theatre in a hands-on, participatory environment. Utilizing set, props, and costumes, ETI’s shows have the impact of a large production, but are scaled down to provide a more accessible theatrical experience.             Try it now!
  5. GIFTED & TALENTED IDENTIFICATION PREPARATION - Are you interested in increasing your students’ chances of being identified Gifted and Talented in the arts? ETI’s GATE Preparation workshops are designed to prepare students for auditions to the Gifted and Talented Program in Theatre, Dance, Music or Visual Arts. Students auditioning in Drama, Music and Dance will be advised on selection of audition material, and coached on each aspect of the selection process. Visual Arts students will be assisted in preparation of a portfolio, a requirement for the GATE selection process.  
  6. MUSIC, SINGING & VOCAL WORKSHOPS - Focusing on the professional fundamentals of musical performance -- including stage presence, mic technique and rehearsing properly, ETI's workshops were designed for all levels of singers and musicians. Our many performance oriented workshops include such topics as: Do's and Don'ts of Performing, Lyric Interpretation, Set Preparation, Improvisation, Theory, Composition, Band Leading, How to Succeed Professionally as a musician/vocalist, Putting Together a Press Kit, How To Get the Gig and most importantly, breaking down fear and building confidence when singing/playing in front of an audience! All styles of music are welcome.
  7. MUSICAL THEATRE WORKSHOPS - These fun and interactive workshops give participants an opportunity to work on performance -- including tempo, phrasing, styles and techniques. Each one is designed to hone your craft and strengthen your skill in areas such as: theatrical presentation; using drama to connect with your life experiences and create your own sound, stage presence; communicating with the audience and accompanist/band; taking vocal risks; and sharpening your dramatic, vocal and auditioning techniques…creating a road map to success! The intention is to bring your abilities and understanding of the performance process to a higher level of professionalism.  
  8. NetWorks ENTREPRENEUR TRAINING PROGRAM - NetWorks is ETI’s Youth Entrepreneur Training Program in which, mentored by experts in the computer industry, youth build and sell web sites. The young entrepreneurs are responsible for the construction and maintenance of each web site, as well as the set-up and day-to-day operation of their business, including marketing, sales, bookkeeping, and all clerical support.
  9. PLAYWRITING RESIDENCY - ETI’s Playwriting Residency is an exciting learning experience. Roll up your sleeves and be ready to create a play! After viewing a performance, students return to their classroom where a professional actor comes in and assists the students in creating their own play. Students write their play, rehearse it, and frequently add costumes and scenery. At the end of the workshop, they perform their creation in front of other participating classes. ETI’s Playwriting Workshop promotes reading and other literacy and critical thinking skills. ESL strategies addressed include verbal comprehension and context clues, along with specific instructional strategies such as pantomime, improvisation, description, participation, and demonstration.    
  10. PROFESSIONAL TALENT DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT - With professional career development as our focus, our Talent Development/Management program only accepts a few extremely talented performers, as its sole purpose is to help our clients become working actors. With a one-on-one approach, performers get the guidance and support needed to obtain success. Private audition or performance coaching can also be arranged.
  11. SOCIO-DRAMA WORKSHOP - Designed for a smaller, more intimate audience, our Socio-Drama workshop is an excellent way of approaching sensitive issues for any youth or adult group. Our customized workshops are interactive and address current, critical issues such as conflict resolution, diversity, peer pressure, dating and date rape, teen pregnancy, parenting, and many other issues. 
  12. VIDEO PRODUCTION WORKSHOP - An interactive video production program, in which videos are written, storyboarded, filmed, edited and entirely produced by youth under the expert tutelage of professional videographers and filmmakers.


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