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In this day and time, people find it difficult to believe miracles, divine healings, prophetic dreams and visions are still in existence. We endure spiritual warfare every day. How do you overcome the attacks of the enemy? My walk has carried me through many trials and tribulations that you have probably experienced in your life. How did you overcome? Are you still stuck there in pain, anguish and suffering from depression from the enemy? Being transparent has allowed me to share my life experiences. I have endured verbal as well as physical abuse, death of loved ones, temptations of the world as a whole; during what I like to call my "valley times." Through it all, I walked away victorious! I am an over comer, an achiever, a dreamer, visionary and wonderfully made daughter of God. I hope you take a walk with me and share in my "Intimate Journey With God." I believe you will be blessed when you are done with my book. 

Not fully understanding you have experienced a spiritual dream can cause one to make the biggest mistakes in their life. I have shared one of my experiences in the excerpt below.


Jewel Tyler is reading an excerpt from her book regarding the obedience to a message from God. Being disobedient resulted in verbal as well as physical abuse.


Jewel Tyler is reading an excerpt from her book regarding Spiritual Warfare. Have you ever encountered real spiritual warfare? What would you do if you walked into your kitchen and knives were flying at you?

R. Richardson says:

This book is an incredible journey of a woman who thought she had control of her life only to find out that God had preordained plans for her life. Plans that sent her on a journey even she could not understand. Jewel Tyler's life was anything but ordinary. She was abused, jobless, strung out on drugs, lost her home... She hit rock bottom with no signs that life could be anything more than living in hell. Yet she lived through it all and because of several visits from God she is sharing her story for all to witness. Such bravery. This is a book you will not want to put down. This is a story that had to be told.

Princess D. says:

This book easily and readily relates to some aspect of your life. Personally for me, some of the journey I felt I have lived in retrospect. I know I am saved, however, this book provides proof for those who cannot fathom what it takes to believe just that. You will not be able to read this book and walk away a non-believer. Be blessed!

G. Thompson says:

This book will pull you in and make you forget about your surroundings, the time, your to-do list, etc. Jewel's journey with God pushed me even closer to God. This book is a great gift for someone who is trying to find their way in life.

Shunique says:

This was a wonderful book, It is one of those books that you just can not put down I am happy she shared her story. this hands down one of the best books i have read in years!

Ms. W. From the UK says:

This is an amazing read! I came across the book on my Kindle app in the UK and I have been deeply encouraged by sharing in Ms Tyler's life journey. I have cried and laughed I have shared her trials and her blessings. This book brings a new meaning to the Biblical phrase of taking up one's cross and following Christ. I highly recommend it!



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