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I maintain several blogs.  Take a read from each category below. Love your comments and suggestions.  This area will be updated frequently with new blog topics.

Plug Into Prayer

The power of prayer can move the mountains out of your life, heal the sickness in your body and draw you nearer to God. There is something miraculous that occurs when you open your mouth and declare victory over your life and your circumstances. It is faith in God which allows one to move forward with the expectation of what they let go and let God have, the thing is done.

Why He Broke Your Heart - His Was Broken First.

God created man, then he took mans rib and created woman. Ribs encase a mans heart. Which means a woman is the closest thing to a man’s heart. I hear so many stories from men how tender their heart is when it comes to a woman they truly love and adore. He may have a tough exterior and demeanor; he is supposed to he is man who was created to cover a woman’s head and protect her and love her!

Recovering From Backsliding

I have been there before. I questioned why I had strayed so far away from the most wonderful experience I ever had in my life. The more I fought with self in regards to reverting back to my old man and ways. It became quite overwhelming for me, because it had reached the point I couldn’t sleep through the night. There were times I truly felt like someone had grabbed my foot and jolted my body from sleep. I would awake totally alert and looking around the room to see who had awakened me. To only find the room empty and would lie awake for the rest of the morning. Nevertheless, there was a part of me that would not allow me to bow down on my knees and pray.

My Journey with MS

Five years ago, I was faced with receiving the most difficult news in my life. As I lay in the hospital trying to remember my telephone number, address and things that come to mind naturally. A female doctor walked into the emergency area where I lay with IV’s connected to my hand which had no feeling. My spine felt like it was on fire and my left leg was useless. She asked, “Has anyone ever checked you for Multiple Sclerosis?”
My first response “what is Multiple Sclerosis?” My second response “of course not.” I was then whisked away to the X-ray area and before I knew it I was in a MRI machine. 



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